All too quickly your newborn bundle of joy has grown into a proper little person, fascinated by the wealth of things to explore within their environment. As they enter this new phase in their development they will love to have the chance to interact with their toys - things they can touch, things they can feel, things that move and, of course, things they can try and eat, will all become prominent play things within this 3 month period.

Good toy ideas for this age group are listed below.

Rattles and TeethersEdit

Rattle and teether gift set

As a baby learns to hold things, they quickly learn that by bashing and chewing a toy it becomes a whole lot more fun! Rattles and teethers are important at this age, and the brigher and noisier the better!

PRICE: $2.00-15.00 USD

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Most babies are fascinated by mirrors and can spend many a happy hour looking at themselves. Many toys now incorporate safety mirrors that enable baby to play and stare at the most gorgeous thing in the room! My favourite is a Fisher Price Elephant mirror with a pull cord to play various Nursery Rhymes.

Bumbo ChairEdit


A Bumbo chair, despite looking suspiciously like a potty, is actually a great chair designed to help support a baby whilst sitting, thus enabling them to gain a new perspective on the world. Generally suitable from the time a baby can support their own head and neck at around 4 months. The Bumbo Chair is a great learning tool for babies just starting to sit.

Price: $40.00US

Baby NestEdit

This is an inflatable ring that supports a baby sitting or, early on, can encourage tummy time. My son was a little unsure at first but as he neared his 5th month he realised the play potential and now loves it. Styles vary, but most incorporate a variety of textures and materials to touch, and some have a dome that fits over it with various toys dangling down.