As your baby enters the 2nd half of their first year, their needs are rapidly changing. Gone are the days where baby would be happy to sit and watch the world go by - they now want to be actively involved in anything and everything. At some point during this developmental stage their mobility increases as, first, they learn to crawl, and then later, they learn to walk - the toys they play with need to encourage and support these emerging skills.

Baby WalkersEdit

As with most baby toys, there seems to be a near endless array available on the market, from an all singing all dancing style to a more traditional wooden cart filled with bricks, to those styled as favourite characters etc. The VTech first steps walker offers good play value with a detachable activity center that will keep baby entertained whether walking or sitting.

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Push and Pull ToysEdit

Walk and ride

As baby starts to want to stand and walk in about the 10th month, the Playskool Step Start 'n Ride is a great way to help him along. There are colorful gadgets for baby to spin and twirl. Additionally, this push toy converts into a ride along scooter as baby grows. This toy has to be put together by an adult, but makes a great gift only costing $20.00US.

Activity CentersEdit

Baby Eistein Activity Gym

The Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center is excellent for newborns and takes baby all the way through his first year. Each colorful item can be moved, squeezed, or put in baby's mouth to chew on when teething. The sights, sounds, and textures, put baby well on his way to learning and building the valuable basics of shapes and colors. The mat is cozy enough for a nap! This activity center is light weight and easy to store. A must have for new parents.

Price: $50.00US

Motor Skills DevelopmentEdit

FP Star Stacking Toy

This colorful, sparkly, and musical stacking toy from Fisher Price will help develope baby's motor and problem solving skills. From the Fisher Price Dance Baby Dance series, this toy makes an excellent gift.

Price: $10.00 USD