Don't feel that just because you have no children to buy for this Christmas that you should be excluded from toy shopping. There are many gift ideas for your big kids too!

Hornby railwayEdit

Hornby has been going from strength to strength for decades and is by no way limited to the preserve of the trainspotter! The more popular 00 gauge hornby is becoming widely available on the high street, with numerous add-on accessories available including Track packs, scenics, additional carriages and additional loco's.

For the younger enthusiast there areThomas the Tank Engine themed sets, featuring the ever popular characters of Thomas, James, Percy etc. This is all compampatible with standard 00 gauge Hornby - so when your little one grows into a big one - you can simply change to more adult themed trains.

An exciting addittion to the Hornby range has been the 'Live steam' sets that actually incorporate a working steam engine. This is definitely restricted to the top end of the market, but, if you can afford it, they're worth it (not compatible with ordinary sets)


A definite big boy favourite - this is a slot racing game that will keep them amused for hours. Sets vary from a relatively basic oval track to the type that can fill the lounge looping the tv and the stereo! Additional track is widely available, as are additional cars, plus lap timers and other gadgets.

A new addition to the Scalextric market are the digital sets - definitely worth a look if you like the techie side of things.

An important consideration is that the track did change in around 2001 to the new Sports track. If you have a set that pre dates this - new track is not compatible unless you buy the converter track. Converter track simply attaches the new to the old style.