Cherry merry muffin

Cherry Merry Muffin were dolls scented according to their names.

Each of the dolls had curly\wavy-like hair, wore dresses with aprons & had painted-on shoes.

They were produced by Mattel from 1988 to 1990.

Types of Cherry Merry Muffin dollsEdit

Series 1

  • Betty Berry (with Flavour Friend Li'l Dip)
  • Cherry Merry Muffin (with Flavour Friend Cherry Sweet)
  • Chocolottie (with Flavour Friend Chocolate Drop)
  • Banancy with Flavour Friend Bitty Banana)
  • Apple Amy with Flavour Friend Apple Buddy)

Series 2

  • Cherry Merry Muffin
  • Bubblegum Becky
  • Chocolottie
  • Greta Grape
  • Lily Vanilly
  • Penny Peppermint

Series 3

  • Cherry Merry Muffin (white doll)
  • Cherry Merry Muffin (black doll)
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Grape Ice
  • Peach Perfection


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