There are a range of games on the market aimed primarily at a younger audience. Some are a simplified version of a classic family game, whereas others are designed especially with children in mind. Below are listed some of the most popular and fun kids games on the market...

Junior ScrabbleEdit

A junior version of the game Scrabble aimed at children from 5 and upwards. There are two levels of game play; the first you start by linking letters on the board. Colourful pictures help to turn these into words. Scoring has been simplified so on completing a word you collect a counter. Older children (7+) will enjoy making words on their own. Children cross words and try to reach the coloured squares. They pick a matching colour counter and hope for a high score. A good introduction to the classic word game.

Junior CluedoEdit

A junior version of the classic detective game Cluedo. Simplified to make it better suited to the younger detective.

Junior MonoployEdit

A simplified version of the property trading game Monopoly

Ele FunEdit

This game has an elephant base with a giant fabric trunk pointing upwards. Butterflies blow up through the trunk, and the aim of the game is for you to catch these butterflies in your butterfly net. The winner is the player who has the most butterflies. A simple idea, but a very fun game none-the-less.

Guess WhoEdit

Each player has a game board with a number of pictures of different people. You each pick a character card and, through asking your opponent yes/no style questions such as, 'has he got ginger hair?' 'Does he wear glasses?', you must ascertain which character card they've got.

The House that Jack BuiltEdit

A fun game for all the family in which you build your house by matching the colours on the die. The winner is the first to complete their house. Suited to those aged 4 and up.