Dolls Edit

Dolls are usually market towards girls. Dolls include Barbie (including its movies), Polly Pocket, Bratz (inculding, etc.

Chatty Cathy Edit

Really popular in the 1960s, this doll talked! Actually, you pulled a string in her back, which activated one of a number of recorded statements. Obviously, today, dolls have much more sophisticated technology, but the whole interactive idea began with Chatty Cathy.

Baby BornEdit

A popular doll manufactured by Zapf. Baby born has the refreshing advantage of not needing batteries. She cries and eats, and has a wide range of accessories including clothes, nappies, dummies, food, pram and buggy.

Baby AnnabelleEdit

Another Zapf creation, Baby Annabelle is also available with a wide range of accessories including clothes, nappies, dummies, pram and buggy.

American Girl Dolls Edit

American girl dolls logo

The company's flagship line is a collection of historical characters that come to life through books, 18-inch dolls, and accessories. The fictional heroines--who each start their series around the age of nine and turn ten in the middle--live during important times in America's past, providing "girl-sized" views of significant events that helped shape the United States. In addition to the historical collection, the company also offers a wide range of contemporary 18-inch dolls and accessories, called Just Like You (formerly American Girl of Today), as well as the Bitty Baby line of soft, huggable baby dolls and related toys that encourage nurturing behavior.

Cabbage Patch Kids Edit

Created by Debbie Morehead and Xavier Roberts, These dolls peaked in popularity in the 80's. They are small slightly chubby dolls with a plastic head and fabric body and each one is unique. Each doll comes with its own birth certificate. Some dolls were twins, and the company would send you the twin mate in the mail.