Believe it or not, but many of the family board games that we played as children may still be topping the best sellers lists a generation on. A good board game with good play value can often withstand the test of time. Listed below are some of those 'classic' games that are still popular, as well as newer titles to hit the games market.


This is a difficult game to track down - but well worth it if you do. Definitely more of a party game, the aim is for 2 teams to race each other in guiding their team mates in constructing a pictured structure from building blocks. May sound easy, stacking a few blocks up based on a picture, the catch is that the one building is blindfolded! You need a partner who can give good instruction, and one who, preferably, knows their left from their right!

Game of LifeEdit

A board game whereby your journey around the board is representative of a journey through life. You start by gaining your degree or entering the world of work, progressing to marriage and then starting a family. As you go through life you face various dilemmas and need to make certain decisions. Inevitably the game ends as you reach retirement and the winner is the player who has amassed the most money by the end of the game.


This is a relatively new game that encompasses a number of classic games such as trivial pursuit, pictionary, charades, rapidough and more. Playing in teams, you work your way around the board having to answer trivia questions, model in clay, re-enact classic tv characters such as john cleeves, draw beans on toast while blindfolded and much much more. A great party game, perfect for family get togethers. Extra booster packs are available, and the game is also available in a junior edition cranium cadoo.


See Monopoly.