Great gift ideas can include either a fantastic toy that you've received for your little one, or it can be a range that you swear by for it's play value, or maybe something that is a great gift idea because there are so many add-on ideas to give others an idea of what to buy.

Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-ChooEdit


This is a great gift idea because, not only is it a great toy, but there are add-on animals that you can tell grandparents, aunts, uncles etc to go and buy as well. The Amazing animals Choo Choo is a train that comes with a Loco, two carriages, a giraffe, an elephant and a cheeky monkey! The train has a static mode where, while stationary, it plays various songs ablout the different animals, or it has an active mode where it chugs off around the room - encouraging your little one to crawl or toddle after it. There are various additional animals available, including a Zebra, Crocodile, Panda, Lion, Tiger, and Polar bear. Each animal offers either movable parts, clicking joints, textured feet, teethable ears, or rattles. All-in-all a cute collection of bright and cheery animals that should keep your little one happily entertained. Suitable from 6 months plus. A MUST HAVE for babies learning to crawl.

Price: $30.00US for main choo-choo. $7-15.00US for addition cars and animals.

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