Housie is not feeling well and the Polies' make their pot house better. In the end of the episode Billy's house gets a sneeze. Olie's Pot House stares at Billy's House when it also gets sick. Bilie comes out of his house cancelling living at his house.

In the episode Olie's House feels better in Rewind. Housie does sneeze in the episode's start. His nose is sniffing in the beginning of the episode. Housie's back side does not have a nose but has a large door. Housie's sick face feels better. His sneeze stopped. Another house just sneezed at the Polieville Park attraction! It bounced next to the Bevels!

Dicey exits Housie as he sneezes and then Housie makes Dicey land at Billy's House. When another house gets sick Housie is better. The next door house feels sick also.

Og-Pog Bubble and Go Scooter plays a game on you!