Keesdrow Jr 1

Keesdrow with plastic tiles

Keesdrow is a new game that uses a game board covered with tiles that have 4 letters on each tile.

The goal of the game is to make words with the individual letters on the tiles. Each following letter must be linked to the first by touching one of the four corners of the letter square. letters can be used two and three times for added points. Each letter when used once is given 1 point when used again it is give 2 points and when used the third time 3 points. At three points a red marker is positioned in the letter square and that letter cannot be used again to form words. There are two versions Keedsrow Deluxe with wood tiles and Keesdrow with plastic tiles.

Awards this game has won .... 2006 Mensa Select® Mind Games Award - Top 5 Games 2006 Dr. Toy Smart Play / Smart Toy Award 2006 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award 2006 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award 2005 Chicago Tribune Top 20 Cool Games

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