This is a board gamewhereby you move around the board dealing in property, buying and developing as you go. The aim of the game is to buy the land upon which to develop your housing and hotels; when opponents land on your property squares they pay you rent. The winner is the player left in the game once everyone else has gone bankrupt. However, beware the pitfalls of property development - the hidden charges that may leave you at the mercy of the banker as you end up mortgaging your empire! Monopoly is a family classic, suited to those from the age of 8 and up. The original is still a firm favourite, yet the game itself has since been redeveloped into a number of different guises. You can buy a range of regional monopoly's, such as the 'Essex edition' and the 'Manchester edition'. There are those aimed at a younger audience such as 'Monopoly Junior', the 'Disney edition' and the 'Simpsons edition'. Cult editions such as the 'Lord of The Rings edition' and the 'Starwars edition'. There's even an anniversary edition that incorporates current London landmarks, deals in Euros and has credit cards instead of cash!

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