Pinky St (or Pinky:St as it's named on the packaging) is an expanding series of 4 inch tall vinyl dolls. Produced in Japan by Vance Project and designed by Yuki Kanaya under the name BabySue, they have never had an official release outside of Japan, and yet have a devoted following of collectors in North America and Europe.

The key to their popularity is their adaptability - every pack contains one complete doll and an extra top and body to mix and match with it. Furthermore, every Pinky St figure is compatible with the parts from all others, so there is an almost infinite variety of combinations of hairstyles, heads, tops, legs and accessories.

Alongside the regular series and the frequent releases of new figures or repaints, there are special editions featuring tie-ins with anime, such as Rei and Asuka from Evangelion; or game characters, such as Sakura from Sakura Wars; or with contributions from Manga artists, such as the RMP series from Range Murata.

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