Toy Safety AlertsEdit

Every year, various consumer groups in the U.S. release reports detailing hazards with toys currently on the market. The reports are very thorough and are partly accumulated through industry recall notices, lawsuits, and hospital reports.
  1. USPIRG Toy Safety
  2. FCIC Warnings

Direct Industry ExperienceEdit

  • Having worked in a toy shop, our main advice was given to those buying trampolines - BUY A SURROUND! Trampoline injuries account for a large percentage of toy related injuries, the number of children (and adults) who receive injuries due to bouncing off the trampoline is staggering - a surround is a giant net that helps prevent you bouncing that one bounce too far.
  • Baby Walkers are one of the biggest causes of accidents in children under the age of 1. Injuries are caused when walkers fall down stairs, crash into fireplaces or topple over. Usage should be carefully supervised and time spent in the walker minimised as there is currently debate over whether they cause a detriment in development and hip problems.
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